St John ready for action


Southlanders can rest easy knowing St John is prepared for a mass casualty event.

After the Christchurch earthquakes, St John identified the need for all areas to have their own mass casualty tents.

The group has now bought one for Invercargill from the proceeds of the St John Op Shop.

The shop opened in November 2013 and the first target of the store was to raise funds to purchase the tent.

That goal was achieved in May.

South Island region executive officer Debbie McCallum said the tent could be quickly deployed in the event of a disaster.

It took 20 minutes to have the tent operational and it could quickly be converted into a medical ward which could treat people in separate sections, she said.

"We will help as many people as humanly possible," McCallum said.

The tent is airconditioned and held in place by balustrades filled with water.

Extra tents can be joined to it if necessary.

It is not only Invercargill that will benefit from the mass casualty tent.

"It's not just for Invercargill, it's for the whole of Southland and Otago if they need it," McCallum said.

Southlanders will get the chance to check out the tent when St John shows it off to the public this summer.

Invercargill Eye