$1 a week makes a big difference

Southlanders can make a real difference at the SPCA.

Southland SPCA manager Richard Hay has been inspired to ask his community to donate $1 a week to the charity.

The idea came from a payroll clerk who said they had chosen to make an automatic donation weekly, Hay said.

"We're really quite blown away by the reaction of people," he said.

The SPCA has 5000 friends on Facebook and if they all gave a dollar a week the SPCA could cover a lot of bills, he said.

Almost 20 people had set up payments already for weekly or fortnightly payments of up to $20.

"It's been a very successful and painless way for people who want to give something," Hay said.

The money would go towards the building's electricity bills, buying new equipment for a new ambulance, tarsealing the road and equipping the education room with resources such as whiteboards and projectors.

The charity was also filled with puppies and a waiting list had to be put in place for people surrendering unwanted puppies, he said.

Southland zumba instructors are combining to bounce around and raise money for the SPCA.

The fundraiser is on this Saturday at the James Hargest Senior Campus Hall from 11am.

Entry is $5 and a can of pet food.

The next SPCA fundraising project will be next month in the form of a cupcake day.


To donate to the SPCA with online banking use 03 1750 0098857 00.

Remember to put your name and "donation" in the reference boxes.

The Southland Times