Three caught hunting without permission

19:47, Jul 28 2014

Police may lay charges after three men were arrested for hunting without permission on a property at Drybread, near Omakau, at the weekend.

Senior Sergeant Ian Kerrisk said police were still making inquiries.

"At this stage it is not known if any charges will follow. It is, however, timely to remind people to contact police immediately if they find people on property without permission."

Police are also warning Clyde residents to be alert for any suspicious activity following a spate of incident involving taps and irrigation systems being tampered with.

"We have had people hear or see things and not want to bother police at the time, so wait and report it the next day. What we're asking is for people to ring us immediately so we can get police staff out into the area to apprehend these people."

Anyone with information should call Alexandra police on (03) 440 2500 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555555.


The Southland Times