Ceremony recognises 'unsung hero'

19:11, Jul 30 2014

David Main is a humble man.

When a plaque was unveiled yesterday naming the ILT Stadium Southland foyer after him, he smiled shyly and told the crowd there were people much more deserving of the honour.

Such was his humility that stadium manager Nigel Skelt even had to lure him under false pretences to the unveiling - telling him instead there was an insurance problem which needed to be sorted. Skelt knew Main would not be keen on the fuss.

Main has worked for years as the stadium's quantity surveyor.

Yesterday, Stadium Trust chairman Acton Smith labelled him an "unsung hero" of the rebuild project, spending countless hours sorting out costings during the more than $40 million project. He often worked 18 to 20-hour days.

"David is one of the unsung heroes of the whole stadium rebuild project."


The project was a huge one and could not have been accomplished without Main. "Without his assistance we would have had difficulty keeping control of that $45m expenditure."

What made Main's efforts even more remarkable was that for most of the time he was battling serious illness, but never let his health troubles stop him from fulfilling his stadium tasks, Smith said.

"Thank you for a job extraordinarily well done," he told the crowd. Main downplayed his efforts, chuckling at the play on words unveiled on the plaque - The Main Foyer. The rebuild was a team effort and he was simply a part of that team, he said.

"You can't build a building like this without the rest of the team. It's not just an individual effort, everyone has to do their bit."

The stadium was a world-class facility and he was extremely proud to have been involved.

While cancer had left him with limited sight and at times knocked about by treatment, he planned to visit the stadium regularly.

The Rattle the Tin campaign aims to raise $5m to make the stadium debt-free.

It has raised $1.22m so far.

The Southland Times