Sections used as dumping grounds

The Invercargill City Council is increasing surveillance of empty Bluff sections after discovering several have become dumping grounds for unwanted goods.

An inspection of empty sections in Bluff and Invercargill found, of 69, about 40 were non-compliant, with a range of dumped items found, including machinery, commercial fishing equipment and mattresses.

The cost to clear the sections is passed on to the landowners - many of whom do not live in the area.

Environmental health team leader Muriel Rusike said it was a significant problem.

"People are just dumping things all over the place because there is space for them."

The council will be placing cameras in problem areas to try to catch the culprits. She would also be relying on word of mouth, Neighbourhood Watch and community groups to help sort the problem.

Anyone caught dumping their waste on empty sections will be prosecuted under the Litter Act 1979. They will be charged a fee, including the cost of properly disposing of the rubbish.

Rusike said people could take their unwanted rubbish to the Bluff transfer station.

The Southland Times