Council set to tap flush fund

19:55, Aug 05 2014

Public toilets will dominate today's Southland District Council meeting agenda.

Reports to be discussed at today's meeting include bringing forward funding for Waikaia public toilets, as well as approving proposed upgrade work on toilet blocks at Mossburn, Garston, and Athol.

In the Long Term Plan, the council approved $36,500 of funding for the Waikaia toilets in the 2021-22 budget, but the Waikaia Museum Committee has requested this be brought forward to enable it to apply for more funds for a $900,000 redevelopment of the museum.

A further report asks the council to approve work at Mossburn, Garston and Athol.

While there will not be any toilets added to the Mossburn building, a budget of $165,000 is proposed.

Work would include plastering, painting, replacing cisterns and seats, an asphalt car park, and gardens at the front. The Long Term Plan budget for the work was $423,000, but this was reduced because the council no longer needed to upgrade the septic tank after work was done on the town's water supply, the report says.

The report also proposes an upgrade of the Garston public toilets and a new toilet at Athol.

Other items to be discussed at today's meeting include disposing of the Otautau Town hall and agreements with landowners to establish the Winton Trail.


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