Fierce rivals first team up for Defiance

17:00, Aug 05 2014
Braden Currie and Dougal Allan
EXCITED: Multisporters Braden Currie (red) and Dougal Allan (black) are the first team to register for the Red Bull Defiance adventure race in October this year on their home turf, around Wanaka.

When Wanaka athletes Braden Currie and Dougal Allan clash, they push each other to their limits.

Now they are teaming up on home soil as the first team to register for the new two-day Red Bull Defiance adventure race to be held around Wanaka in October.

The men are among each other's most fierce competition - Currie's titles include current Coast to Coast champion and winner of the Motatapu Xterra, Allan won the recent Peak to Peak, the Goldrush and surprised himself with a third in Challenge Wanaka this year.

However, they are also close friends, attending each other's weddings and winning the Wenzhou Outdoor Challenge in China together for the past two years.

Whether racing together or against each other they have a mutual respect and push each other on. Currie is known as the mountain goat of the pair while Allan's strength is the cycling. By mutual agreement, Currie will look after the shooting in the race that also includes kayaking and rope work.

"I've done a little bit of hunting but Braden is from a farm and he fancies himself with a gun," Allan said.


Responds Currie: "When we had Dougal's stag do we went clay bird shooting and now I know he's not a great shot so it's going to have to be me!"

Currie has designed the course and says a proposed navigation aspect was removed to ensure no unfair advantage.

The course was detailed on the Red Bull Defiance website for all entrants to study.

"It's not really a course that knowing it is going to give you a huge advantage. Of course, it always helps."

Currie is looking forward to coming home in September but is enjoying success in the European leg of the XTerra offroad multisport series.

Already he has notched up two second placings and is now sitting third in the series.

On the way home he will compete as Team New Zealand Adventure with Allan, brother Glen and Wanaka-based Jess Simson to race in China.

Entries are now open for the Red Bull Defiancek which organisers says is a chalenging course.

More information and registrations available at

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