Enterprising teenagers focus on hunting safety

17:00, Aug 08 2014

Hunting safety was one of the strong contenders at a business challenge for high school students yesterday.

Southland Boys' High and Girls' High year 11 students formed teams of eight and spent three days creating a business plan for a new product before facing the "dragon's den".

Two of the eight teams based their ideas around hunting safety and equipment to save lives.

One team designed a survival jacket.

Group member Scott McKerchar, 15, said the team of five shared an interest in hunting and wanted to come up with a way to improve safety in the bush.

Some of the major risks of hunting included the weather and mis-identifying targets, so the group combined the two to make the ultimate survival jacket, Scott said.


The $600 jacket was bulletproof, waterproof and could also be used as a flotation device.

The defence force and police could also use the jacket, he said.

Although it was thick and heavy, it would save lives, he said.

Another group, called Safehunt, came up with the idea of attaching a scope to a gun that sensed fluorescent hunting vests using infrared lasers.

Group member Flynn Thomas, 16, said the scope would save lives.

Some of the other business ideas included cellphone covers, an educational app and a fishing lure with sound.

The BP Business Challenge is offered to more than 40 schools throughout the country every year.

The programme is run by a charity, Young Enterprise Trust, which encourages and develops New Zealand's next generation of entrepreneurs and businesspeople. 

The Southland Times