The weight is right . . . so the wait is over

17:00, Aug 15 2014
Fight For Kidz 2014
JIBES BEFORE JABS: Warren Bevin and Stephen Sinclair sqaure-up at the Fight for Kidz weigh-in yesterday.

The anticipation is palpable. This is it - months of training and mental and physical preparation go on the line tonight.

Twelve matchups, three rounds in each, one winner from each.

Fight For Kidz 2014 is on tonight, when 24 men and women will take to the boxing ring in a bid to raise money for this year's charity, Ruru School.

The pre-match weigh-in took place yesterday at Stadium Southland. A mix of nerves, laughs and bravado reverberated around the room as fighters stripped down to their underwear, stood on the scales and bared all for the world to see.

Poses were struck, banter was bandied, and, most importantly, the weights were called out to ensure fighters fit their respective weight classes.

Some tickets are still available for tonight's event, back after a four-year hiatus, and cost $40.


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