Finest fancy felines flaunted

Southlanders came away purring after meeting some pedigree felines.

The Southland Cat Fanciers' Club 71st Championship Show was held at the Invercargill Workingmen's Club on Saturday.

Show manager Annette Dunn said the day had been a great success.

"People were actually queued up to see the cats, there was lots of people," she said.

The public was able to see a range of breeds, including birmans, Scottish folds, exotics and Maine coons.

"There was lots of interest for the public to be able to see the breeds," Dunn said.

It was a good chance for people to connect with breeders and talk to them about the different cats, she said.

While the day was a chance for the public to see the cats, it was also a chance for the cat owners to compete for show champion.

The long-hair category was won by a colourpoint Persian cat, the short hair category was won by a Russian and the companion champion prize went to a black long-haired cat.

The day had a friendly atmosphere and everyone seemed to enjoying themselves, Dunn said. "We got some new members; it was really cool," she said. 

The Southland Times