A blooming nice idea

01:15, Aug 21 2014
joyce hurley
RANDOM ACTS: Joyce Hurley of Lily Jackson's Flower Company has been leaving random bunches of flowers around Gore to bring some winter cheer.

Thanks a bunch.

A Gore woman has been leaving colourful surprises around the town, all in the name of making people happy.

Gore florist Joyce Hurley, of Lily Jackson's Flower Company, has been leaving bunches of flowers for people to find and keep. She wants to cheer them up.

"It's a nice way of cheering up someone's winter, a good way to give someone a lift that needs it," Hurley said. "There's so much negative stuff going on, it's good to see something positive happening and it's nice to have some good news for a change."

Last week she left a bunch of flowers at the James Cumming Wing at Gore for someone to find.

"I was driving around making a delivery and I thought I couldn't leave it out in the rain. There were people there, so I left it inside and when I drove past again at 5pm it was gone, so I was pleased someone had it."


The flowers were picked up by Shirley Sheridan, who gave them to her daughter Nicole Sheridan.

Nicole has had a rough year, spending five weeks in hospital and then having her baby three weeks' premature.

"It was very nice to get them, really kind," Nicole said.

"My mum took a lot of time off work to help me with my son, so I thought she could have kept them but she wouldn't take them back."

The Random Act of Kindness Campaign is run by Hansens the Flower People Ltd of Auckland, which distribute the bunches of flowers to one florist in each town to hand out once a week.

"They're really good bunches, they're probably worth $100 or $120," Hurley said.

The campaign would not just be limited to Gore - she plans to distribute random bunches of flowers elsewhere.

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