Ban 1080 Party picks their man for Clutha-Southland

19:16, Aug 24 2014
james veint
CANDIDATE: James Veint is standing for the Ban 1080 party in Clutha-Southland.

The newly-formed Ban 1080 party has announced its candidate for Clutha-Southland.

James Veint will stand for the electorate in the general election next month.

The party was formed earlier this year in response to the Department of Conservation's aerial distribution of sodium monofluoroacetate, known as 1080.

Party co-leader Bill Wallace said rising anger in provincial New Zealand about the use of 1080 had reached a tipping point.

If it was elected to parliament, the party would work to immediately stop aerial drops of 1080 by DOC, and develop a targeted pest control programme, Wallace said.

Five Ban 1080 party candidates are running for electorate seats, with a further four standing as list candidates.


The Southland Times