Motorist winched from Queenstown crash

07:52, Aug 25 2014

A 46-year-old woman is recovering from moderate back injuries after the vehicle she was in plummeted 30m down a steep bank, requiring a helicopter winch.

St John Queenstown station manager Craig Downing said ambulance services responded to a car over a bank near the 12 mile delta on Queenstown Glenorchy road at about 3pm yesterday. 

A single car, carrying two people, had veered off the road landing 30 metres down a steep bank. 

One of the occupants, a male in his twenties, managed to extract himself from the vehicle, clamber up the bank, and alert passing traffic, he said. 

The remaining female passenger was trapped with moderate injuries, he said. 

Ambulance and fire crews from Queenstown, Glenorchy and Frankton, as well as the Lakes District Rescue Helicopter, worked together to free the woman, who was trapped for about an hour.


The rescue helicopter was called in to provide an airlift to the injured woman because of the complexity of the rescue, he said.

''Without the use of the rescue helicopter it would have put the patient's back at further risk.''

The incident highlighted the importance of knowing exactly where you are when travelling places and having some first aid knowledge, Downing said. 

Because it occurred in an area with no cellphone reception, it can take emergency services longer to respond and arrive at the scene, he said. 

The woman was treated at Lakes District Hospital in Frankton last night while her male companion was assessed for minor injuries. 

The Southland Times