Stadium Trust needs $5m to do the job

04:46, Aug 31 2014

Southlanders are being asked to reach into their pockets to help make our stadium debt-free.

The Stadium Trust has calculated that it needed $5 million "to get across the line" and is asking businesses and individuals from throughout the region to take part in its "Rattle the Tin" fundraising campaign.

Here's who has contributed to the tin so far:

Global Bite Cafe

Gillies family

Inner Wheel East Invercargill


Donald and Dorothy Hay

Lorraine McKenzie

Gore Probus Club

Daphne Dennis

Sport Southland

Kiwi Senior

BNZ Active Walkers

Russell Fawlner

Daniel and Isaac Fox

I and I Branthwaite

St Joseph's School

D and N McCulloch

Toi Toi Tokanui Lions Club

Sharks Basketball

Southland Basketball Association

HF Cowie

Patricia Turnbull

Bill and Marian Allen

Maree And Paddy Gorman

Ann McFarlane

Iris Marshall

Alan and Pat Dennis

Kay and Ken Williams


Lodge Motel

Mary McKenzie

Jordan Skelt

Tayla Shepherd

OD Hutchins

Subway South

Allan and Coral Clark

K and M Christie

Brian And Elizabeth Wilson

The Air Traffic Controllers Invercargill Airport

Kiel Whanau

Gaye Turner and Jamie Searle

Mr I Findlay

Mr and Mrs J Cutt

Leo and Marie ward

Combined Probus

Kingsland Family

McCallums Group

The Wayland Trust - Gore

Shona Calvert

Gore RSA Travel Section

Nyra McIntosh

Graham O'Shannessy

MF and DE Ball

MJ and TM Williams

John Hall

Ross Dudley

Tan Heaslip

Frank Joyce

MacDonald family

DC McLeod

Margaret Biggar

Garrett family

Graeme & Christine Webbly

Kerr family

Heddon Bush branch of Rural Women

Trevor and Noeline Oliver

Ken McKenzie

TL and KA Lindsay

Riverton Primary School

Invercargill Tower Social Club

Ken Jones Contracting

YD Alsweiler

Stevens family

M and T Howard

North Coffee Club

Richard Savory

Winston and Heather Goble

Chris and Margaret Henid

MC Fox

Russell J Falconer

DH Duston

LM Duston

Muir Five Ltd

Invercargill Subway

WN and AM Hazlett

Hillside Students Council

RH Somerville

JK and SK Limited

JM Weston

SE Jennings

Salford School

Cowie family

Cliff and Janette Cochran

Woodlands Primary School

Te Anau Fishing Company Ltd

The Southland Times