Granddad ideal role modeller

23:14, Aug 31 2014
Matthew Gill
IN MINIATURE: Matthew Gill, 8, of Winton, holds his first-place-winning entry in the junior public die-cast section, while his granddad Vern Gill looks on with his favourite model, a 1961 Scout, at the Southern Modellers Club show held at the Invercargill Workingmen’s Club at the weekend.

Matthew Gill wants to be a member of the Southern Modellers Club, just like his granddad.

Matthew, 8, was one of the exhibitors at the club's show, along with granddad Vern Gill, at the Invercargill Workingmen's Club at the weekend.

He proudly wore a badge with his name under the Southern Modellers Club member logo, just like granddad. "Except our names are different," he said.

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Vern introduced Matthew to the modelling world through his collection of 1800 Matchbox car models, which he has been buying for nearly 40 years.

He took him along to the club's show last year to help out, and this year Matthew entered for himself.


He built Lego figurines, two of which won him first and second place in the junior public die-cast section.

"I was doing one of them at my house and I was trying hard concentrating on what I was doing and granddad was talking to me, and I wasn't listening," Matthew said.

Granddad and grandson had their displays side by side at the show.

Vern did not usually take his models out for display at the show but he thought he would bring some along because Matthew wanted to bring his, he said.

"He's rapt, he knows his stuff," Vern said.

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