Candidates divided on Government debt and success

00:25, Sep 02 2014

The Government's surplus and economic growth was equally attacked and defended at a Waitaki electoral candidates' meeting yesterday.

Candidates spoke at a Central Otago Grey Power meeting at Alexandra, where Democrats for Social Credit's Hessel Van Wieren criticised the Government's heavy overseas borrowing and called for a monetary reform.

Van Wieren said the Government's surplus and economic growth of the past six years had come at a price; the $12 million per day it was paying in interest to foreign banks.

National MP Jacqui Deans defended the Government's actions, citing an apparent 3.3 per cent rise in economic growth, which had created jobs.

For instance, Otago had only a 3.4 per cent unemployment rate as a result, she said.

Labour candidate Glenda Alexander said she had been hearing "sad stories" about old people not wanting to go to bed at night, with fears about becoming bed-ridden and concerns for their future care.


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