Driving was malicious - judge

A motorist deliberately crossed the centre line on State Highway 1 and drove towards an oncoming vehicle belonging to his former employer, a Gore District Court judge said.

Daniel James Williams, 25, of Waimea, appeared before Judge Tony Couch for dangerous driving near Dacre on March 21.

Williams' driving was deliberate and malicious and if the other driver had not been vigilant it could have caused death, the judge said.

William's offending was directed at the same person he had offended against in September last year, the judge said.

On that occasion, Williams sent his former boss five threatening text messages, including one of threatening to pour petrol on him and set him alight.

Having been sentenced to intensive supervision for that crime, Williams had twice breached his sentence conditions so yesterday he was resentenced for threatening to do his former boss bodily harm.

He was also sentenced for breaching supervision conditions, his overall sentence was seven months and 15 days' prison. He was granted leave to apply for home detention. He was also disqualified from driving for nine months. 

The Southland Times