Early birds flocking to ballot box

22:47, Sep 03 2014

Advance voters are making their votes count.

Voting opened for Invercargill and Clutha-Southland and Winton woman Cheryl Pym was the first through to the polls from Clutha-Southland to cast her vote yesterday.

She voted for the Green Party.

"I like their ethos around New Zealand being a place for all and the environmental issues," she said.

Advance voting is for anyone who wishes to vote before election day, for any reason.

Advance voting was more convenient because she would be busy on election day but didn't want to skip voting altogether, she said.


"I wanted to make my vote count," she said.

Ray Robb, of Invercargill, was one of the first voters from the Invercargill electorate.

He cast his vote for Labour because he was unhappy with how National had been running the country, he said.

"We've got a corrupt government at the moment and we need to change it,

Invercargill electorate returning officer Sandra Robb said the rush for people to get in the door was a surprise.

"I'm actually surprised at how many people were here at 10am and they're still rolling in," she said.

The advance voting stations are set up in the ground floor of the Menzies Building, off the Crescent, in Invercargill.

On election day, there will be 64 Invercargill electorate voting stations and for 70 Clutha-Southland.

For more information and to find your nearest voting stations go to elections.org.nz/events/2014-general-election/electorate-info/information-voters-invercargill.

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