Weighty subject made easy by Dr Libby

00:22, Sep 05 2014
Libby Weaver

Dr Libby Weaver's voice appears to be shaking a little bit. Could she be nervous?

Impossible - this is the woman who has written six best-selling books on healthy living and sustainable weight loss. This is the woman who has just, mid-tour, jetted to the United States to speak in front of 9000 people alongside the likes of Dr Oz and Tony Robbins.

"I'm just powerwalking back to the hotel to get my phone charger," Dr Libby says. Not puffing. Not even breathing a tiny bit heavily. Her voice is just shaking a teeny bit, evidence of the cracking pace I can only assume she's keeping up while chatting away ahead of her Invercargill stop on her "Road to Sustainable Weight Loss" tour.

Dr Libby, as she is known to fans, is one of Australasia's leading nutritional biochemists, authors and speakers. She is a five-times No 1 bestselling author of the books Accidentally Overweight, Rushing Woman's Syndrome, Real Food Chef, Beauty from the Inside Out and Real Food Kitchen.

Now on a nationwide tour with her latest book, The Calorie Fallacy, she will be in the city on Tuesday night to challenge old ways of thinking about health and weight loss.

"People think you have to eat like a bird and exercise like a maniac to have results," she says.


Ideas that how much we eat and move are the only determinants of size are outdated, she says.

"I help people understand there are more factors that influence body shape and size."

By understanding the body and how it works, people are more inclined to make a healthy choice rather than being dictated to.

"I teach them to take better care of themselves, whatever that means to them."

People have believed you had to lose weight to be healthy, but you have to be healthy to lose weight, she says. "I'm helping people understand why they do what they do. Some people have a great education around food - it's not a lack of education that makes you polish off a packet of biscuits after dinner."

It's this clear, kind and understanding style that has won her legions of fans - 500 tickets have already sold for her Invercargill seminar.

Her book has only been on sale for three weeks and is the second best-selling title in the country, she says. "Second only to Dirty Politics. I'm so chuffed. People are so ready to see their body in a new way."

Her seminars are not just for people who want to lose weight, but also for people who want to understand their health and have a better quality of life, but perhaps lack motivation. "I was in Whangarei last night and 20 people came up to me on their way out to say they had had that ‘Aha!' moment. That's why I do it."

Dr Libby will be speaking at Southland Boys' High School in Herbert St on Tuesday, September 9, at 7pm. Tickets are still available from drlibby.com

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