Wild weather perfect for veteran cyclist

16:00, Nov 04 2014
Gordon McCauley
Gordon McCauley gets ready to start Stage 2 of the Tour of Southland.

This week's wet and windy weather could be Gordon McCauley's fault.

The cycling veteran has been crossing his fingers for stormy conditions, as the Tour of Southland makes its way across the province.

McCauley, who is taking part in his 22nd tour this year, says he likes racing in inclement weather.

"It sorts the men out from the boys," he said.

"Normally we get some pretty crappy weather in Southland."

The tour will cap off a big year for the 42-year-old, who is back on the bike after breaking both his legs in January.


McCauley is adamant the injury will not affect his performance during the event.

His usual training routine, which includes a couple of tours in Australia, has been slightly derailed by his recovery, but the rider is looking forward to the tour.

And if McCauley gets his way with the weather gods, he believes the cold could be a bogey for some of the less experienced riders in the event.

"The last couple of years have been a bit soft, a bit easy, because the weather hasn't been as rough.

"A lot of the young guys have got a bit of a false sense of how easy the tour is."

Now based in Auckland, McCauley is racing for the GMC Coaching-Hawkins team.

With the first stage of his 22nd tour now under his belt, he already looking ahead to his future plans.

"I might as well keep going until I have a nice round 25."

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