Ranfurly shield match

21:22, Nov 13 2012
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Southland wins the Ranfurly Shield for the first time in 1920.

The Wellington team to play Southland today arrived on Monday night, bringing with them the magnificent Ranfurly Shield, which is held by the winners if this match.

The Shield is a beautiful piece of work, and is now on view in Messrs J. H. Geddes and Sons' shop window, Dee Street.

As this is the first occasion that the Shield has been played for in Southland it is fully expected that there will be a record attendance.

Arrangements have been made by the Rugby Union whereby extra seating accommodation has been provided for an additional thousand spectators. Visitors should also bear in mind that an excellent view of the match can be secured from the terraces on the eastern side of the ground.

In order to avoid congestion at the gates admission tickets are obtainable from Messrs J. H. Doig, A. Driscoll, J. H. Geddes and Sons, and Herb Grace, Dee street, and the opportunity afforded intending patrons will no doubt be largely availed of.

Delayed trains have been arranged by the Railway Department, particulars of which appear in the advertising columns, and they will, without doubt, be largely patronised.

Apart from the fact that this is the first Shield match ever playing in Southland, the Wellington team are noted for their clever and spectacular football. Mr D. Stalker will be referee.

NOTE: This game was won by Southland 17-6


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