Great day has arrived for Southland

Dee Street welcomes the Queen. Macaulay motors and H and J Smith are decked out for the occasion.
Dee Street welcomes the Queen. Macaulay motors and H and J Smith are decked out for the occasion.

Biggest crowds in city history expected

For Invercargill and Southland the long-awaited day has arrived.

Today the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will arrive in the province on the last stage of their Dominion tour, a tour which has taken them through 45 cities and towns in New Zealand.

Southland is ready and waiting to welcome the Royal guests.

Last night Invercargill was thronged by one of the biggest crowds in its history, an eager and excited crowd which today will gather to welcome the Queen to the southernmost corner of her wide Empire.

The city was decked in Royal festive dress, a glitter with thousands of coloured lamps, and its people were keyed to a hitherto unknown pitch of excitement.

The Royal events of the next three days will be the culmination of careful planning and preparation which began just a year ago when the itinerary of the Royal couple was announced.

Slow and methodical at first but recently gathering ever greater momentum, the preparations have all had but one aim - to make Southland's welcome one of the warmest in the Dominion.

Invercargill, Gore and other centres along the 40-mile route the Royal party will travel today are decked in the gayest dress they have ever worn.

Gore will have the honour of welcoming the Royal couple to the province.

At 2.25p.m. today the cars of the Royal entourage will cross the Gore traffic bridge and Gore will be assembled to greet them.

The Queen will to go lunch immediately after her arrival at the Gore Women's Club rooms.

A public welcome in the main street will follow at 3.35 p.m.

After the public welcome the Royal party will head south for Invercargill, passing through some of Southland's finest farming country.

At Mataura, Edendale and Woodlands, gatherings of school children and residents will be waiting to welcome the Queen.

Invercargill's moment will come about five o'clock when the Royal cars are expected to enter the city by East road and Tay street.

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