Queenstown celebrates 100

02:27, Dec 18 2012
Queenstown turns 100
A large crown gathers to celebrate Queenstown's 100th birthday.

Wakatipu district celebrated 100 years of European settlement in 1962 with re-enactments and a well-supported heard-growing competition.

A whaling boat landed on the shores of the lake after an eight day overland trek from Invercargill.

Just as the original settlers had arrived in 1862.

Queenstown turns 100
The Earnslaw during Queenstown's 100th birthday celebrations.

The solemn re-enactment dissolved into chaos as the large crowd on the shore surged forward for the best view.

An estimated 30,000 attended the celebrations including 1000 who arrived on the Earnslaw after catching a special train from Invercargill.

The large crowd succeeded in drinking Eichardt's Hotel out of draught beer by mid-afternoon.

Many of the districts men grew beards for the occasions as part of a competition convened be Mr Warren Cooper. The Queenstown signwriter was also busy cladding the town in historical costume.

Many of the town's shops reverted to the names if the original owners for the occasion.


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