Stream bacteria could be dangerous to children, dogs

01:43, Jan 31 2009

Pet owners and parents beware.

A bacteria which has been found in a small waterway at the back of the Waikiwi Rugby Clubrooms on Bainfield Rd in Invercargill has been found to contain a bacteria which could be dangerous to animals and small children.

Environment Southland senior technical officer Graeme McKenzie said last night a discolouration of water contained within a small ditch to the north of the clubrooms was noticed about a week ago.

After investigation it was found to be Cyano Bacteria, a natural occurring bacteria which has the potential to release toxins that may be harmful to small children and pets. "With the naturally low flows (of water) and warmer temperature we have been experiencing, it's ideal conditions that allow it (the bacteria) to bloom."


The Southland Times