New party rises from heartland

20:26, Jun 17 2010

A Garston-based businessman is launching New Zealand's newest political party from the heart of rural Southland, because "the majority voice of New Zealanders is being ignored".

Aussie-born former Auckland real estate salesman Tony Corbett is now a Garston-based author and property company director.

He said the National and Labour parties and their coalition partners had "rejected the majority voice" on too many occasions.

Mr Corbett highlighted the fact that 1.3 million out of 1.6 million voters rejected the anti-smacking legislation in a 2009 people's referendum. "New Zealand just wants a fair go for those 1.3 million people who've been ignored by 93 per cent of our politicians," Mr Corbett, 59, said.

Two referenda in 1999 to reduce the number of seats in Parliament from 120 to 99 had been supported by 92 per cent of the people and nothing had happened.

NZ Sovereignty was in the process of being registered.


He was in discussions with some key political people in the hunt for candidates for next year's elections.

"We want to see a united New Zealand under one flag and one justice system, moving together in accordance with the original intent of the Treaty of Waitangi."

NZ Sovereignty would not be "another segmented, agenda-driven party".

It also proposed a Civil Defence cadetship and corps and a voluntary outdoor survival life skills programme, designed for troubled youth or those not wishing to pursue tertiary education.

This would include community gardens, to be established throughout the country's schools. This would prepare the country better for any major emergencies.

The "heartless" axing of elderly in-home care was also unnecessary and could have been avoided.

"The last Labour Government blew the budget by 360 per cent from $43 million to $155 million through bad purchasing," Mr Corbett said. "Had the district health boards been more sensible during the last year of Labour's term elderly home help funding did not need to be cut."

Pensioners were being penalised for Government extravagance.

The party will launch its official website soon.


Some of NZ Sovereignty's other proposals include:

Stopping the ACC levy tax and replacing the "no fault" clause in claims so those injured while committing a crime would no longer be covered.

No dishing out of lump sum payments to those in prison.

Repeal carbon tax legislation and withdraw from the Emissions Trading Scheme

Regulate power companies and their charges

Repeal the anti-smacking law

Retain national assets and resist mining in National Parks

Retain NZ's Blue Ensign flag and national anthems

Free dental care for school-aged children.

The Southland Times