Conwoman gets home detention

A conniving Southland conwoman who met her partner on an internet dating site and ripped him off to the tune of $48,000 has been sentenced to eight months' home detention.

Judge Kevin Phillips yesterday condemned the actions of 45-year-old Tisbury sickness beneficiary Diane Louise Boyd, saying she was a thoroughly dishonest and conniving conwoman who had a history of targeting vulnerable men and using their finances to her advantage.

"This woman got this man through an [internet] dating site, as she has in the past, and got hold of his finances and ripped him off," the judge said.

She attempted to minimise her offending by making disparaging and inflammatory statements about her victims, the judge added.

Boyd took control of her 56-year-old victim's finances after meeting him on the NZDating internet site and getting into a relationship with him.

She accrued $48,000 debt for the man, who had to borrow $25,000 to pay back bills.

Boyd was using the money to feed her gambling addiction, the judge said. The offending had had a major effect on her victim and his family and friends, "because you cut him off from them and that was part of your plan".

Boyd, who is a grandmother, had committed similar offending in the past, the judge said.

"You get lonely men who desire female company and you use them to your advantage. You are a high risk of reoffending because you are a fraudster. You enter into relationships with males and rip them off and then you say it's their fault, not yours."

A primary reason Judge Phillips did not send Boyd to jail was to ensure she made reparation payments to the victim.

He ordered her to pay $10,000 reparation in instalments of $25 a week, beginning next month.

Meanwhile, Judge Phillips yesterday resentenced 19-year-old Invercargill man Dion Graham Cuff to seven months' jail for breaching his home detention sentence. Cuff was also sentenced to a further nine months' jail for three violence-related matters; assault with intent to injure, assaulting a female and possessing an offensive weapon.

The Southland Times