No point in more pigs, LCT says

18:24, Dec 21 2011

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt's plans to bring more Auckland Island Pigs to the mainland in the next few months could be a "waste of money", according to Living Cell Technologies.

LCT acting chief executive Professor Bob Elliott said he was aware of Mr Shadbolt's plan to bring more Auckland Island Pigs to Invercargill soon, but it was not a good idea because there was no suitable place to house them.

Mr Shadbolt announced this month that Invercargill philanthropist Louis Crimp would be giving the council up to $200,000 towards the Auckland Island Pigs project, with $50,000 initially going towards moving 50 pigs from the Auckland Islands to Invercargill.

Cells from the pigs are used by LCT in trials of implant therapy to treat diabetes. About 50 of the pigs are in a quarantine facility near Invercargill for the research.

Prof Elliott said the pigs needed to be put in a specialised quarantine where their beds, food and water were all sterilised to keep them free of infection, or else they were useless to the company.


The Southland Times