Breakfast legend to get overdue sleep-in

After 33 years of waking up to the familiar voice of John "Boggy" McDowell for breakfast, southerners will soon have to adjust to life without one of the most recognisable voices on radio.

McDowell told The Southland Times, after a breakfast broadcast celebrating 40 years in the business yesterday, he would be sleeping in from the start of next year.

Believed to be New Zealand's longest-serving breakfast announcer in one city, McDowell will hand over the morning microphone to former More FM breakfast presenter James McRobie.

However, McDowell was quick to point out he was not retiring.

"I will be swapping the early mornings for the afternoons and evenings," McDowell said.

From the start of 2013 he will be hosting the 3-8pm shift on The Radio Network's nationally broadcast Coast Radio.

"Thirty-three years is a long time to be waking up in the dark, but morning radio has been something I have loved and continue to love," McDowell said.

"It's just that certain things have fallen into place that make it a perfect time to make the move to a new time slot.

"I think a change will freshen things up and I can keep working as well as mentoring new presenters."

In an industry where longevity has become a rare thing, McDowell credits hard work and the satisfaction of helping people get up with a smile on their face while being informed the world had not ended overnight, as a reason for his success.

McDowell said while he would miss the freedom breakfast radio had given him as a presenter, he was looking forward to being able to enjoy more guilt-free social freedom.

"I am a person who enjoys his social occasions, but knowing I had to get up at 4.50am did make me start looking at my watch around 10pm, so that will be a nice change," he said.

McDowell said the other person who would benefit from his switch from mornings to afternoons would be his wife.

"I think she will be very happy for the alarm not to go off at some ungodly hour," he said.

McDowell said McRobie would join him on air from April 10 before taking over at the start of 2013.

The Southland Times