Stadium report due

04:04, May 10 2012

The Department of Building and Housing will tomorrow release reports on the investigation into the collapse of Stadium Southland.

The stadium collapsed on September 18, 2010.

A preliminary briefing for media is expected prior to the embargo on the reports being lifted in the afternoon.

This month Stadium trust chairman Acton Smith said the completion date was now expected to be early next year - 10 months later than planned.

The stadium was scheduled to be completed by March 30 this year, but numerous delays have hampered progress and resulted in a host of big sporting events at the venue being cancelled because it is incomplete.

It had taken 14 weeks to resolve the problem of seven massive roof trusses being 4cm short, but the issue was now sorted and five of the seven trusses were up, with the last two to go up next week.

Mr Smith said the devastating Christchurch earthquake had seen the rules change around building design, and with Stadium Southland being the first large public building to be built since the quake, many eyes were on the project.

About four times as much steel was going into the new stadium as went into its predecessor, which collapsed under a heavy dumping of snow in September 2010.


The Southland Times