Edminstin runs for Bluff board seat

An outspoken resident who has publicly clashed with the Bluff Community Board chairwoman is now standing for one of the vacancies on the board.

Among the four candidates who have come forward for the Bluff by-election is John Edminstin.

Mr Edminstin could not be contacted yesterday.

Board chairwoman Jan Mitchell said she had been told a few days ago Mr Edminstin had been considering running in the by-election.

"There is a good selection there of candidates, and the community will obviously consider them very carefully," she said. "It is going to be very interesting to see the outcome."

Asked if there would be any issues on the board if Mr Edminstin was successful, Mrs Mitchell said "absolutely not".

It is understood Mrs Mitchell has taken legal action against Mr Edminstin, asking for $115,000 compensation for defamation.

At a Bluff Community Board meeting late last year Mr Edminstin demanded a written apology from the board after he said it had "slagged off" his friend, Linda Bell, who had put forward a proposal for no more industrial buildings on the town's main street.

The board decided not to apologise and he walked out of the public meeting and said: "Right, let's go get the cops, lying slut."

Mrs Mitchell last night would not comment on the legal action or on whether it was still going ahead.

The by-election was called after board member Scott Allan unexpectedly resigned last month.

Philip Dobson, Raymond Fife, and Graham Laidlaw have also put their hands up to fill the vacant position.

The Southland Times