Nursing programme returns

The Southern District Health Board's Return to Nursing programme will run another course in Southland in August 2012, with a call going out to all nurses who are interested in returning to the workforce to register their interest.

Nurse educator Nicola Dowling said the programme gave registered and enrolled nurses currently out of practice the opportunity to update clinical skills and knowledge to work again in a clinical setting.

Mrs Dowling said the programme was an opportunity to raise skill levels and return to nursing.

The accredited programme is based on the Nursing Council of New Zealand's requirements of 40 hours' theory and at least 15 mentored clinical shifts, with theory classes running Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 3pm. It can be completed in five weeks of fulltime or three months of part-time participation.

Nurses are matched with a senior nurse mentor for their clinical placements in wards in Southland Hospital and in some community-based placements.

The programme was first trialled by the Southland DHB in 2002.

The closing date for the August course is July 2. More information is at

The Southland Times