Action group clears truckloads of rubbish

A group involved in the rejuvenation of south Invercargill has collected two small truckloads of rubbish from the car park behind the South City Mall.

South Alive project co-ordinator Janette Malcolm said an enthusiastic army of volunteers got their hands dirty on Saturday. "There were about 20 people from the South City Action Group who piled two trucks high with rubbish and debris. This was the first stage of sprucing up the South City shopping area and there is plenty of work to be done."

The South Alive project had identified several immediate projects including the South City shopping precinct and the Elles Rd and Tweed St roundabout with bigger projects in the planning process, Mrs Malcolm said.

"Our initial projects are ones we can tackle easily and leave a visible difference," he said.

"The plans that will eventually make a profound difference will need researching and planning. In the meantime the South Alive action groups will continue to address issues that have raised concern in the community and can be attacked immediately."

The Southland Times