Southlanders' generosity applauded

02:25, May 24 2012

Despite the prevalence of appeal weeks and fewer people carrying cash, Riverton Coastguard president Allan Duston has applauded the generosity of Southlanders during this month's May Day appeal.

Coastguard Riverton volunteers, alongside staff from ASB Bank, had raised $1841.60 in five hours during the annual appeal.

All the money would go toward the costs of running the Riverton Coastguard unit, including training, which could cost between $70,000 and $74,000 each year, he said.

"We only actually get about $4600 from Coastguard to help us run the unit, so the rest is all donations, and we have a donor support scheme too. Donations are pretty vital."

Although there were many community groups vying for support each year and more people carried eftpos cards than cash, he was amazed at the willingness of Southlanders to donate to Coastguard. "It was quite surprising, I was at Pak 'n Save and there were people who paid no attention when they walked past me, who obviously went to their car and got some coins from the dashboard or whatever, and came back to me. I think with the last two tragedies down here, the Easy Rider and the K-Cee, it's still very raw in people's minds and they were certainly very generous.

"Even just small change, it was just whatever they had, and it all added up at the end of the day," he said.


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