'Brain explosion' reason for attack

An Invercargill man who temporarily blinded a police officer in the court cells told police he attacked him because of a "brain explosion".

Jayde Takaratua Blair, 21, labourer, appeared before Judge David Saunders in Invercargill District Court yesterday on charges of wounding with intent to injure and aggravated assault on police on March 16.

He admitted the offending and was remanded in custody to June 26 for sentence in Dunedin District Court.

He was also given a warning under the three-strike law.

The police summary of facts, which was not read in court, says Blair was in the court cells when an officer advised him and another prisoner he was going to take them to the Invercargill Prison for lunch.

The officer unlocked his cell and removed both prisoners, led them up the stairs to the prison van, the summary says.

As the officer was unlocking the rear door to the prison van Blair, who was standing behind him, punched him in the left side of his head, it says.

He was punched another two times to the left side of the head and cut by the lens of his glasses after being punched again, it says.

A heavy stream of blood flowed from the cut, blinding him in his left eye.

Blair got hold of the officer's vest and forced him to a corner where he punched him about six times to the left side of the face and head, the summary says.

The officer managed to reach out and grab hold of Blair's clothing, holding him at arm's length. But Blair punched him several times in the shoulder area, it says.

The second prisoner grabbed Blair in a bear hug and restrained him as the officer pointed his pepper spray at him and told him to get into the rear of the van, it says.

When spoken to later by police Blair said he had a brain explosion.

He was angry at being held in custody.

He showed little remorse for the unprovoked attack, the summary says.

The officer required five stitches to the left side of his head.

He also received small cuts, bruising and swelling.

His glasses were damaged beyond repair. His vest was covered in blood, requiring the internal Kevlar to be replaced, the summary says.