DOC needs outside help

17:00, Jun 14 2012

The Department of Conservation will need help to manage the country's biodiversity after budget cuts.

Southland Conservator Barry Hanson, at the Southland Conservation Board meeting yesterday, said DOC could not stop the decrease of New Zealand's biodiversity on its own.

"DOC will have to and is committed to engaging outside agencies and third parties to work alongside the department in the area of conservation," he said.

"The reality is the DOC budget can't fight the decline in biodiversity as a single entity."

With budgetary cuts and the centralisation of services away from Southland, Mr Hansen said it was imperative conservation became a collaborative effort between DOC and other stakeholders.

Southland Conservation Board chair Viv Shaw said to make a collaborative effort succeed, DOC would have to make its review processes and future plans more transparent.

"If DOC wants to work with third parties it may need to work more openly with stakeholders," she said.

Southland's DOC office recently lost 18 jobs.


The Southland Times