Bond joins national board of NZ First

19:53, Jun 21 2012

Invercargill business-owner Ria Bond has been elected to the national board of political party NZ First.

Mrs Bond was spotted on television news bulletins walking in right behind party leader Winston Peters at the NZ First conference in Palmerston North last weekend.

NZ First returned to Parliament in the 2011 election, winning seven seats.

Mrs Bond said she had fun at her first conference. "I was impressed with the warm welcome."

"When you get to attend a meeting like that, you either walk away with information to help your electorate, or at least with the feeling you're supporting the right party."

Mrs Bond joined the party in October last year after a long search for the right party to affiliate herself with. "I was looking for a party that had good ethics, and a party that matched my personality."


Mrs Bond said she had always been interested in politics.

"I wanted to study politics at uni but I couldn't afford it, so I became a hairdresser instead."

She said she would look at becoming a candidate as a long-term goal, but in the meantime she was busy with her business and happy to be a part of the board.

Hannah McLeod is an SIT journalism student

The Southland Times