Police cameras switched on

A central business district security camera system goes live today in Queenstown for the opening of the Winter Festival.

The 10-camera system will beam images from the town centre to the Queenstown police station.

Senior Constable Sean Drader, of Queenstown, said most of the cameras should be switched on for the festival while the remaining cameras were installed by Wellington firm iSee.

Cameras send a digital signal to a relay station at the Skyline gondola base. Then the footage is beamed to the police station where images can be monitored 24 hours a day.

"It's been a lot of work I hope the community will find them really useful.

"It helps us to find who it was, a lot of times if we want to prevent a crime where people have been in an argument we can go and do something about it," he said.

Police were also talking to businesses interested in relaying in-house security footage to the police station.

The system cost about $150,000.

The Southland Times