Quiet night despite weather warnings

21:49, Jun 25 2012

Emergency services in the south reported a quiet night, despite warnings of gale-force winds between midnight and early this morning.

Southern police communications spokesman Inspector Rick Jury today said there had been no weather-related incidents reported to police overnight, and the fire service reported a similarly smooth evening.

Invercargill fire senior station officer Alan Goldsworthy said things were ''all pretty quiet'', while a fire communications spokesman also reported no weather-related callouts were received.

The wind was forecast to hit 150km/h on Stewart Island overnight but Senior Constable Dale Jenkins, of Halfmoon Bay, said there had been no problems.

"It didn't happen,'' he said. "Nothing at all. There was 15 knots of wind last night, which is lower than normal.''

Snow has begun to fall in Te Anau but does not appear to have spread further yet.

In Western Southland, former Southland Times women's editor Pat Veltkamp-Smith, who lives in Nightcaps, said there had been a few flecks of snow in the morning but they had melted fast.


The Southland Times