Association seeking part of reserve

An Invercargill City Council committee yesterday agreed to begin the consultation process to reclassify an area of the Otatara Scenic Reserve.

The Otatara School, Kindergarten and Community Hall Association requested further encroachment into the reserve for a car park and access to improve safety for pedestrians using the car park.

The Otatara School Board of Trustees asked to increase the area occupied by the Otatara Community Centre car park to allow for a footpath to be constructed on the north and east sides.

Cr Norman Elder, speaking at the infrastructure and services committee meeting, said the encroachment would be minor and if it enhanced safety the council should pursue changing the status.

Cr Dennis agreed but Cr Neil Boniface said more consultation was needed.

Children would take the shortest route, not the designated footpath, he said.

In the past, the parks division was unable to give permission after requests were received from the Otatara Kindergarten due to encroachment into the Otatara Scenic Reserve.

The Southland Times