Resort police busy

22:57, Jul 09 2012

Queenstown's mid-winter Australian mini-crimewave continues, with more misdemeanour and alcohol-fuelled antics keeping the resort's police force busy.

At 3.10 this morning a 23-year-old Sydney woman was given a pre-charge warning for urinating outside the McDonalds fast-food outlet on Camp St.

Acting sergeant Terry Wood said it was a relatively uncommon occurrence for a female to be caught urinating in public but in this particular case the woman was very intoxicated, and "was not under cover.''

Security footage showed a woman in white singlet and black mini-skirt coming in and out of the McDonalds from about 2.50am, and eventually being denied entry. She then huddled next to a pillar, shivering and looking distressed, and was given a jersey to wear by a man from a group of passersby who stayed with her.

The group then helped her up and took her away shortly before a police patrol vehicle pulled up and an officer came to talk to McDonalds staff.

Shortly before that, at 2am, a 21-year-old Australian was arrested for theft after being asked to leave a bar in the resort.


Mr Wood said the man was asked to leave the bar by security because of an intoxication or behavioral issue.

During the process of leaving the bar, the man said he had to go back inside to get his jacket, and was allowed to do so.

However, on leaving the second time, the man was found to have three jackets, a top or sweatshirt and a scarf, all of which did not belong to him.

Security called police to the scene and the man was arrested. He will face theft charges in the Queenstown Lakes District Court on Monday.

The Southland Times