'Obnoxious' man arrested

23:26, Jul 10 2012

A "petulant, obnoxious and argumentative'' Uruguayan man who lives in Queenstown was arrested for offensive behavior after being kicked out of a resort bar twice last night.

Senior constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, said the 30-year-old had been ejected once after being a nuisance and going behind the bar but must have regained entry later when other door staff were working.

After entering the bar a second time and being recognised by staff he was asked to leave but became "petulant, obnoxious and argumentative'' with police officers called to deal with the situation at about 12.30am, Mr Blackford said.

Meanwhile, an Auckland man was arrested after attacking an Australian tourist outside a Queenstown nightclub at about 1.40 this morning, then trying to get into another bar.

Mr Blackford said the 27-year-old Aucklander became involved in a row with a group of Australian tourists and all were taken outside. The Aucklander then followed the Australian party and assaulted one of them before trying to get into another bar. He was asked to leave by doorstaff, who then restrained him after he was refused entry and asked to leave but would not.

An intoxicated 21-year-old Queenstown man who directed a "tirade of abuse'' at police officers after refusing to empty a lone bottle of beer that he held in breach of the town's liquor ban was arrested for offensive behavior.

The incident happened about 3.30am only metres from the Queenstown police station on Camp St.

The man spent the night in police cells to "sleep off'' the effects of his night, Mr Blackford said.


The Southland Times