Towns to lock horns

Community rivalry rears its head in northern Southland tonight, when Mossburn and Lumsden look to out-muscle, out-smart and out-perform each other for honour and glory.

Following the successful Battle of the Bridge in Wyndham last week, the Battle of the Dome at the Mossburn Community Centre will look to raise much-needed funds for several organisations.

Event creator Gerry Forde said a goal of $20,000 had been set to benefit the Mossburn Netball Club, Mossburn Primary School, Lumsden Community Pool, and Lumsden Play Centre. Event co-ordinator Amelia Duffy said it was exciting the two communities had come together.

The event will feature a tractor pull, tag-team impromptu comedy speech, auctioneering, mastermind, and a Southland Idol lip-synch with air guitar and dance.

It will be held at the Mossburn Community Centre from 7pm.


Where: Mossburn Community Centre, main street Mossburn. When: Today, doors open at 7pm.

The Southland Times