Arrests after fight

22:27, Jul 17 2012

Police in Queenstown arrested two men after a fight broke out at a taxi rank in the early hours today.

Senior constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, said two men got into a taxi at the Camp St rank at 4am.

Another man waiting for a taxi thought the pair jumped the queue and threw a burger at the men, who got out of the taxi and confronted him.

A fight started, police arrested the two Queenstown men, who faced assault charges, and officers were waiting to interview the 33-year-old burger-thrower, he said.

‘‘Taxi rage is more prevalent than road rage in this town,’’ he said.

A 25-year-old woman was arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour.


She left a Queenstown bar at 1.20am and spotted a police patrol car, ran at the vehicle and threw herself on the car, verbally abusing officers.

The Frankton woman was charged with disorderly behaviour after the Brecon St incident.

A 19-year-old Clydevale teenager was processed for drink-driving after blowing 125mcg when he was stopped in Brecon St at 3am.

He is expected to appear in the Queenstown District Court on July 30.

The Southland Times