Niwa axes two jobs at Lauder

21:37, Jul 31 2012

Two scientists will lose their jobs at Niwa's Lauder station near Alexandra.

Niwa communications manager Greta Shirley said three jobs would be disestablished next month, with the three staff invited to apply for a new position that has been created.

The positions have been under review since early last month.

Two scientists from Alexandra and a physicist resident near Clyde working in atmospheric monitoring and research were affected by Niwa's change in scientific strategy.

Chief scientist of atmospheric research Dr Murray Poulter said Niwa remained committed to atmospheric science at Lauder with the new position focusing on atmospheric measurement and analysis to help maintain measurement quality and innovation.

"The review has followed Niwa process, and has considered input from within Niwa, and from national and international scientists, institutions and programmes."

Dr Poulter said factors taken into consideration included Lauder's global significance as an observation site and the importance of continuing core regular atmospheric measurements.

Niwa would continue its capital investment in equipment to support measurements at Lauder, with a new radio-sonde receiver this financial year, and also its collaboration with other science institutions.

The Lauder-based science team would be managed from Wellington, rather than Christchurch, to further integrate Niwa's atmospheric and climate research, he said.


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