Man defecates on step

00:41, Aug 14 2012

A drunk English man stripped naked and defecated on a neighbour’s front step in Queenstown, police said today.

Sergeant Mark Gill, of Queenstown, said two young English men living in the resort, aged 19 and 22, were spotted outside a Sainsbury Rd unit in Fernhill at 5.40am.

A female occupant was woken up, called police and told them two naked men were banging on her front door.

The 22-year-old defecated on the unit’s front step.

He said the men’s behaviour was disgusting, the woman did not know them and the pair were ‘’dirty bastards.’’

The 22-year-old was charged with defecating in a public place and offensive behaviour while the 19-year-old was charged with disorderly behaviour.

They are expected to appear in the Queenstown District Court.


The Southland Times