Keep reserves as they are, submitters say

The community appears adamant that both Donovan Park and Sandy Point Domain should be retained as recreational reserves with minimal future development.

At an Invercargill City Council infrastructure and services committee meeting yesterday, draft management plans for both areas were reviewed.

Submitters to the plans said both areas were a fantastic asset to the city and were used by several community groups.

For Donovan Park, councillors followed the recommendation that the draft management plan be approved to retain it as a recreational reserve, excluding a subdivision development proposal.

For Sandy Point, councillors moved that the draft plan would now be publicly advertised for comments and submissions.

In submissions to the council, owners of the Beach Road Holiday Park and the Cabbage Tree restaurant had sought to buy the land their businesses were on.

Cr Ian Pottinger said if those two places were sold, council needed to make it clear that if they were going to freehold them it might impact on ratepayers, or that the council could reduce services.

Cr Carolyn Dean said the public needed to know the pros and cons of the draft management plan.

Councillors agreed that before the Sandy Point Domain plan was released publicly it would have more information added about total lease money and the capital value of the two properties.

The Southland Times