Wimps need not apply

23:15, Aug 30 2012

A humorous newspaper advertisement for a weed spraying company has gone viral on Trade Me.

The advertisement for GroundSpray, a weed spraying and wilding tree control company in Tapanui, was written by the company's owner Marty Grounds.

''It's had loads of attention. It was written to be humorous, eye-catching and to grab people's attention and it did,'' Mr Grounds said.

The ad says the company was looking for people who would happily work weekends, work long hours and keep their personal hygiene to an acceptable level.

''This job is not for wimpy ... 'run to mummy' halfwits with pants halfway down their bottoms! We only want staff that will do as they are told by their supervisors, follow company rules and can put up with being wet, hot, cold, exhausted, hungry and thirsty, you also need to be able to sit in a van for three hours and not complain to us. (We don't listen & we don't care)''

Mr Grounds said the ad had received a huge response and the company had about a dozen prospective worthwhile employees.

The ad had more than 5500 hits on Trade Me and he had received emails from New Zealand and Australian recruitment organisations to tell him they had loved his ad, he said.

Mr Grounds said he had a passion for writing.

''It's just my nature, It's just who I am. I like to write and I think if you're going to do something in advertising it has got to be catchy and different.''


The Southland Times