Saying it for a good cause with daffodils

21:44, Aug 31 2012
daffodil day
GOOD DEED: Cancer Society Daffodil Day collectors, from left, Sandra D'Arcy and Joan Frisby, of Invercargill, in Kelvin Street yesterday.

As the sun warmed the footpaths in Esk St, Invercargill, Leesa Brock and her mother Pam Brock were waiting and ready for the crowds.

They had been out since 9am and within 30 minutes about 20 people had passed by and given money to Daffodil Day.

People gave all amounts, from small change to substantial donations.

It was Mrs Brock's fifth year as a volunteer on Daffodil Day and the first year for her daughter.

Mrs Brock said this Daffodil Day had a special meaning, after she lost her husband to cancer last year. Her mother also died of cancer four years ago. She said it is a disease that runs in the family.

"This is a very good cause," she said, acknowledging the support and the number of people who were also affected by cancer.Most people who passed by stopped she said.


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