Repeat attack feared

20:56, Sep 05 2012
Wilma Stirling
SAVAGED: Wilma Stirling with the lambs killed at her Bay Rd farm.

An Invercargill woman says she is concerned a dog that attacked and killed four of her lambs will do the same thing somewhere else.

Wilma Stirling said she put four lambs on a floodbank at her Bay Rd property late last week, before going away for the weekend.

When she returned, she and her grandson found the lambs savaged by a dog, she said.

"The whole four of them had been grabbed by the neck . . . whatever dog's grabbed them, they knew what they were doing," she said.

She believed a pig dog was responsible, as they were trained to grab animals by the neck.

She was concerned more animals could be killed, with a neighbouring farm just beginning lambing, she said.

"If it's done that and it gets a taste of blood, well, you never know what these vicious dogs can get up to," she said.

She had contacted the police and animal control, who each said they would keep an eye on the neighbourhood and any further reports of dog attacks, but she urged the dog's owner to take responsibility for its actions.

"Come and own up, and say ‘my dog did this'. Admit the dog's done it and make sure it doesn't happen somewhere else."


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