Crime doesn't pay, even if you are hungry

A tourist with a sudden craving for homemade chip dip and a splash of vino found the shoplifting that bagged him the goods eventually caught up with him early this morning.

Queenstown police said the 23-year-old Christchurch man allegedly walked into the Fresh Choice supermarket at 11.20pm yesterday, and after being refused service for being intoxicated, became angry and threatening but then left.

Supermarket staff reviewed CCTV footage of the man's supermarket trip and found that he had been recorded allegedly stealing onion soup sachets, reduced cream and a bottle of wine.

''I think he had a sudden craving for homemade Kiwi-style dip,'' sergeant Mark Gill said.

Police were then called to the supermarket to review the footage but the man was long gone. However, the consequences of the man's actions were far from over.

''The same officer who reviewed the CCTV footage was on patrol later that night and recognised the man when he saw him outside a bar on Shotover St,'' Mr Gill said.

The man was questioned, arrested for theft and will face that charge in the Queenstown District Court on Monday.

He could also face disorderly behaviour charges relating to threatening staff at the Fresh Choice supermarket, Mr Gill said.

The Southland Times